The Cupcake is a bonus food item in the Bakery. Cupcakes become available in the Bakery on level 15, but players can unlock them early for 7gemGem. Players start out with 8 portions of cupcakes, but can refill the cupcakes again for a price. Serve these when you are having a hard time earning enough coins to get three stars on a level.

Players have the option of upgrading cupcakes to increase the amount a customer pays. The starting price for a cupcake is 25coinCoins and the maximum is 60coinCoins. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades cupcakes.


Bakery-Cupcakes-1 Bakery-Cupcakes-2
Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
10gemGem 20gemGem
8portionPortion 8portionPortion
50xpXP 100xpXP
Refill Refill
3gemGem 4gemGem